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How important a good shop design is for the product marketing


Last year, a successful Spanish cosmetic shop design came out, including the furniture and the image, for a branded Cosmetics, resulting in a remarkable project.

The main goal of this shop was focused on establishing great efficiency, functionality and image, so the main characteristics of the shops are the modularity, the product presentation and the general appeal of the product.

The most attracting point of this shop is the combination of the white and the clear wood tones, giving the interior a feeling of warmth along with the carefully considered lighting. And all of these characteristics emphasize the products with their powerful colors. Fantastic work without doubt.

The design of the whole shop looks simple but delicate, its light-colored theme tone gives people a sense of elegance and health, which highlights the core of this makeup brand. Connecting the ceiling to the floor, the full-height wall display looks quite big and heavy than normal, accommodated exquisite cosmetic products together to form a strong contrast. In addition to the full-height wall displays on both sides, several makeup test tables are specially placed in the middle of the store for customers to try cosmetic, bringing better product experience and service experience to customers, which is absolutely a good idea for marketing.

The Cosmetics brand has a clear objective: To open a network of stores in Spain and to repeat the same strategy at international level. The shops spacial design had to take into account efficiency, functionality and image. This is why modularity, product presentation and general appeal of the product at the point of sale have been central to the project. White combined with clear woods tones and quality lighting are some of the features that set the cosmetics brand apart from other shops in the sector. The central table and the circular light fixtures are key elements of the shop personality and make a clear statement: The branded shops are a meeting and experiential points for people looking for innovation and quality in make-up, cosmetics and fragrances. In each cosmetic branded store, people can find a special corner to experience a new consumer experience.

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