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How to be the Top Pharmacy of your city?


The overall customer spending on health and wellness continues to climb up; the ageing population is causing a greater demand for medications, millennials are living in a period where every minute is recorded digitally using wearable and the records are being researched and analysed by experts, the second question for now, "how can I be the pharmacist of this diverse community?"

There is no one-click answer to be the centre point of your community’s healthcare needs, each community is diverse and understanding the variability and how diverse is your community can give you more insights to approach your community but if there is one thing which is common for all is, remind you! Pharmacy is a service, not a business if your focus is on serving your community and everyone’s needs then customers will come to you even if your pharmacy is not on the high street.

Every day we meet and work with pharmacists from different communities, countries and many times from different continents. 99% of all the pharmacy’s are impersonal, they don’t belong to where there are, The habit of Arab men wearing thaw evolved according to their lifestyle and geographical position but their pharmacies aren’t personalized to operate in their community and that is the reason why your pharmacy is seen by your community as a pharmacy in the community rather than “The Pharmacy of our community”

Personalisation is widely considered and defined as, changing the colour and logo of your pharmacy – it’s completely wrong in the context of pharmacy, our definition to personalisation is, “the sense of personal belonging, in other words, the personality of your pharmacy”

The strategies you as a pharmacy owner or as a manager adopts will define where your pharmacy stand in the community. Personalised customer experience should be the main focal point of your pharmacy strategy, there is not just one answer for everything, your community is different.

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