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How to Build a Clothing Shop Interior Design to Maximize Your Clothes Brand


In this new opening flagship store of clothes, the distribution of the various product areas expressed in this space the classical division. Designed to maximize the brand’s products , and correspond to the expectations of the customer to welcome the customer in an elegant and linear space, in which the materials enhance their classic taste of a brand.

As soon as you enter the this flagship store with customized display furniture. you can feel the warm and plain taste easily. The wooden floor is put into a "V" shape, and the classic leather sofa reflects the grade and taste of the flagship store.

The frames of the clothes display items are all coated with a metallic color, which is more in harmony with the overall decoration style. This design not only looks neat extremely, but also fully demonstrates the noble features of the flagship store.

The flagship store is divided into two layers, which display the products into different categories. The black escalator design is more stable and calm. The space in the store plays a good role in decoration. The design of the flagship store is interpreted from both decoration and display. idea.

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