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How To Create A Physical Pharmacy


As our world becomes increasingly technological and our lives are ever-more controlled by cell phones, the internet and TV, emotions become important. Which is why stores are becoming physical.

“physicalization” allows us to create a real customer experience that improves and facilitates purchases. Customers will have more information about the product, more quickly. The physical in-store experience is playful and gets customers to have a good time, rendering them more loyal. On the flip-side, promoters and pharmacists are more efficient because they can use tablets to find information quicker. Moreover, “physicalization” allows you to close more sales than in the past.

Before digitalization, the sale failed when a product was not available. Today, the seller can locate the product in another store and get it delivered to the customer’s home within a few days.

A physical pharmacy offers another idea of the pharmacy, not commercial and aggressive but professional. It’s an exciting and interactive place to hang out, a place to have a good time with family and friends.

It's a pharmacy where all the 5 senses are stimulated because you need all of them to surprise and entertain. Technology is cold, it's not enough, it has to be accompanied by a warming story, the story of your pharmacy, the roots of your independent pharmacy, your pharmacy chain.

It's about who are you and where you’re going. You can’t pretend that there’s no story to tell, that the pharmacy is the very same one you opened years ago. It’s time to change because your customers are changing and they already think in a different way. Older generations (those without cell phones, tablets and wifi) point to medicines on the shelf and expect you always to have time just for them. These patients are always looking for perfect customer service, quick yet gentle, because to acquire and keep your customers you need to build relationships!

How do you hold on to your loyal older customers? Involve their senses, make them feel at home, offer them professional service, a warm atmosphere that says "Welcome, I’m here for you, I'll help you out". Offer them a sample of your new tea or a tester of the right product for them. If you offer them the human touch, why would they go online? If you don't change, you'll lose your customers and you’ll also miss out on involving the younger generations, who instead need the social aspect to feel connected even inside a pharmacy. Younger customers find info by themselves on digital screens, and they usually want to buy independently.

In a physical pharmacy, the shelves have beacons that give off perfumes and particular sounds, and lights that attract attention. Combined with proximity marketing that calls the client by name and lets them know if there are events, promotions or best sellers worth taking a look at, you have a winning recipe. You can also monitor pharmacy traffic and sales so you are aware of what works and what doesn’t, and you can be sure that all the moves you make are profitable.

Then the answer for both generations is: a physical pharmacy.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Or do you want to wait til your local pharmacy thinks of it first?

What is your growth strategy? Your profit strategy?

We're already experimenting with the use of the beacons and soon our fixtures will be able to interact with your clients in an incredible way, pushing proximity sales and attracting attention to where we want in a very precise way.

We have the right, personalized answers: 21 years of experience exclusively in pharmacies all over the world.

Let's create physical environments, perfectly integrated with the digital world and where people feel good.

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