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How to create a warm and natural sales space for your cafe


The purpose of coffee display is to sell coffee through various direct and indirect effects. Therefore, when displaying exhibitions, it is necessary to effectively select and combine the characteristics and sort out the classification properly, showing the charm and sense of value of coffee. 

Create a warm and natural sales space with natural wood and stones, plus a wide moving line to give consumers a more comfortable environment. Here to turn a magazine, a cup of coffee, is a spiritual rest process, more is a quiet spirit travel. Winter has come, and it is a pleasant thing to drink coffee around the stove. The brand new cafe located in a supermarket in Poland. 

This cafe presents itself to us with a warm and comfortable concept, a large table and a fireplace make the coffee shop looks warm. The designer's main goal is to combine a warm feeling with modernity that make modern facilities look not so cold. In addition, architects created a roof-like, suspended ceiling, make it looks like a real home. The interior is complemented with floor tiles laid like carpet, plus the central table and fireplace, as well as a counter that resembles a traditional kitchen, which exposes the unique, home-made and traditional pastries – the specialty of shop owner. Unlike the common coffee shop, the counter at the cafe creates a traditional kitchen style, which is in order to highlight the home-like cafe theme.


In addition to embody a natural and fresh feeling, the wood-based material is closer to our lives also. The desert and cakes in the shop are traditionally hand-made, which is also in line with the theme of the store. In order to makes the cafe shop full of softness, good lighting must be necessary. With different lighting fixtures, traditional lights coordinated with modern design present a retro style. With the refracted light from the surrounding transparent glass, how soft it is.



Siting around the soft sofa, drink a cup of coffee here, have a snack, have a quiet sip or a fun chat, everything makes it as comfortable as home. After getting used to the blatant and bustling of the city, when we comes into the quiet environment again, it make us feel like a comfortable enjoyment comes out from the bottom of the heart.


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