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How to design a charming clothing retail shop?


Shop design will tell customers how much value you put into your business, and in turn, will let them know if it’s worth visiting. Take time to find the inspiration you need before designing your retail store, and it will certainly pay off. How OUYEE will do for you?

Add Mirrors and Glass to Make a Store Feel Larger

When used correctly, mirrors can turn a somewhat limited space and make it look open and bigger. Consider setting up a large mirror by the window with proper angle to reflect the outdoor environment. You can also use mirrors to cover up shelf space and customers can use it to try on accessories.

For stores going for a minimalist design, the use of glass as dividers and shelves can emphasize the overall look. It adds to the clean, clutter free ambiance that makes the space look larger than it really is. Accentuate the store with strategically placed lighting to give more focus on your featured products.

Reinforce Your Brand With an Unique Theme

This Timberland flagship store was redesigned by London-based design firm Green Room. The concept works around a theme that crosses between rugged lifestyle and comfort as well as emphasizing the latest marketplace evolution, while reinforcing the authenticity and heritage of the Timberland brand. The store is covered with wood panels and beams, giving off the rustic charm and setting the overall ambiance of the shop.


Create A Window-Like Display Effect

It’s great if your business space already has windows, but if you’re not so lucky, fake it. To create the illusion of windows, hang drapes around tall mirrors or suspend hollow geometric shape frames in various heights around your store. This approach opens up your store and makes it look bigger. The window effect also lends an artistic look to your retail space.


Use Your Product Displays as Color Accents

Use color in smart ways to enhance your retail space. Color coordinate your product displays, and line them up against a clean, white wall to make them pop. In this example, the designer used the colors of the store’s products as an accent to fully white painted walls. Because the displays are limited to the sides, the space also seems more open and bigger than it actually is. Keep your lighting in sync with your color theme to let your customer’s attention be fixed on your products.

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