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How to design an eye catcher design for an optical shop?


The design and furnishing of your optical, optometry or vision care clinic can not only create a positive workspace, it can enhance customer experience. OUYEE can customize your optical space and help maximize your sales through space and architectural planning, practice or store design, manufacturing, and installation of eyewear displays and dispensing cabinetry to create the right space for your business. When it comes to furnishings, our experts help with things like custom reception desks for your retail shop or dental/medical practice, exam room desks, cabinetry storage solutions, mounted wall displays and store fixture casework for your eyewear, shelving and more!

As with many offices, the wood trim, colors and lighting were starting to tell the story of how long it had been between upfits. Ennco Display was asked to propose a new look with colors, lighting and flooring all while working to a somewhat defined budget. One major challenge was to retrofit as much of the existing reception counter as possible (in place) and replace the transaction top with a solid surface material. In multi-doctor practices, the selection of style and color can be challenging but the color rendering capabilities we offered allowed all the participants to reach agreement on style and color.

The flow of the space was meticulously reviewed and revised multiple times over the course of almost one year to take into account future pretesting needs, future exam room needs, storage, office personnel functions and display. This expansion was truly holistic in the approach to practice design.The display fixtures incorporate the newest technology in LED lighting married with feature eyewear merchandising. The result, a practice that is well positioned for explosive growth this year and well into the future.

There were numerous challenges for both the doctor and for us as optical designers and optical store fixture makers. The space was small, the construction requirements were incredibly restrictive and every inch of the space had to flow and produce. With the project located on the campus of one of the largest corporations in the world, security / access, image, "committee approvals" and acceptances created "unforeseen" challenges beyond the basic design process. In the end, this tiny space will likely become one of the highest grossing practices per square foot anywhere.

A brand new plaza across the street from the Space Needle provided the perfect solution. An efficient space plan to appeal to the young, hip patient base in the trendy Seattle neighborhood was critical. A bold color scheme and Seattle Slims mounted on Wall panels were chosen to make a clean yet simple statement. Every detail was carefully coordinated from the funky carpet pattern to the sleek pendant lights. Dr. Christopher Clark's "Artist of the Month" inspiration provides an ever-changing flow of artwork that sets off the frames and adds the perfect accent to the displays. Belltown Vision's move transformed the office into a well designed, exhilarating space full of light, color and visual stimulation.

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