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How To Display Your Clothing For Maximum Sales

by:OUYEE     2020-05-09
If you display your clothing properly you will be able to maximize your clothing sales. Today's shoppers are accustomed to a high level of sophistication, whether they are buying online or at a brick and mortar store. To sell as much clothes as possible, you need to master the art of displaying your items in your store the right way. Implement these tips and you draw more attention to your merchandise, which should lead to an increase in sales. If your clothing is exclusively retailed or wholesaled on the Internet, you will still benefit by taking pictures of professionally displayed apparel, so you should implement these tips. These same tips can be used by flea market and swap meet vendors. Clothing Display Tip #1 Use clothing racks that reflect the theme of your shop. If you sell children's clothing you can paint your racks in friendly and bright colors that will appeal to both children and their parents. For a rock themed clothing store the racks can have decorations such as pasted concert tickets. Remember, as your customers look at the clothing on the rack, they will be spending just as much time seeing the actual racks. Clothing Display Tip #2 Use mannequins consistent with your customer base. Mannequins should resemble as closely as possible your customer base, since shoppers will be able to better visualize how they will look wearing your offerings. A maternity store should use pregnant looking mannequins, while a sport's store should have athletic looking mannequins. Clothing Display Tip #3 Match the lighting to the colors of your clothing. Bright lights should be used for darker colors such as black, grey and navy blue, while softer mellow lighting works better for bright colors such as white, yellow, and pastel.
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