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How to Increase Sale in Retail Optical Shop


When you wanna start your own retail business, it's vital to keep this fact in mind: From the moment someone steps into your store to the time they decide to check out (or leave your store without making a purchase), smart design decisions make a significant difference in regards to whether you make a sale or not.

1. Location

If you’re new to owning a small business and have yet to choose your location, you’re in luck! Being able to start from scratch and choose an ideal location will have a tremendous effect on drumming up sales initially and allowing you to boost and improve upon sales in the future. To begin with, you must choose a location that is easy to discover. You’ll want to find a location with a lot of foot traffic. Being on a corner is usually a safe bet, as is having easy access to parking and/or being near the public transportation

2. Inside Your Store


lFor most stores, the counter remains the central, beating heart of the store. Regarding your store layout, all roads should lead to Rome, with all aisles and walkways driving towards the point of sale.


lIdeally, your counter position should also give you a clear line of site on your store’s entrance and exit. This will give you a chance to greet customers as they arrive and establish the right atmosphere from the onset. It will also give you the opportunity to thank customers as they leave (and has the added benefit of deterring shoplifters, who prefer to be able to grab and exit without going past the cashier.)

lFor products display, it's still important to think about grouping products in a way that makes sense from a shopper's perspective. Also, remember to keep "higher-demand" products displayed at eye-level while placing lower-grossing products at the bottom or above eye level.

3. Storefront

Your storefront is the window to the soul of your business, and with it, you can make or break your attempt at increasing retail sales. The look of your storefront should be consistent with both your online and offline aesthetic and should command people’s attention with a visual representation of what your brand represents and what you sell.

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