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How To Install Slatwall

by:OUYEE     2020-05-22
Slatwall panels are an excellent display choice for retail store owners or managers. Slatwall panels are not difficult to install but you may want to have professional do the job for you so that it is installed such that it can bear the maximum amount of weight possible. Your public liability insurance may also require that you have a professional install the slatwall for you as there could be a substantial risk to the public if it should fall. Storing Your Slatwall Before Installation As slatwall is manufactured from wood products it can expand and contract under differing temperatures and humidity levels. Because of this they should be stored in the area they are to be installed in for 48 hours or more before they are installed. Make sure that you store your slatwall laid out flat and protect the corners and edges from accidental scratches or other damage. Preparation The walls where the slatwall is to be fixed should be completely dry. You may want to apply a vapour barrier to the wall if you have previously experienced problems with damp. Moisture could seep into the slatwall panels from behind and damage them, decreasing their lifespan. While you can fix slatwall directly to internal walls if they are solid and true, you may want to install battens prior to affixing the slatwall as this allows for the slatwall panels to be aligned more easily and accurately. Vertical battens should be placed at most 60 centimetres apart and for display of heavy products add extra battens so that they are 30 centimetres apart. If you will be covering an area where electrical sockets or lightswitches are situated, cut holes in the slatwall prior to fixing the panels to the wall. Cutting If it is necessary to cut any panels on sight, then you can use any normal wood-working tools including powersaws, jigsaws and table saws. Plan your installation and cut panels as necessary before beginning your installation in order to prevent mistakes. For a ore professional finish, cut the panels that will be at the end of a row and do your marking up and cutting from gehind so that it is less noticeable in the finished display. Fixing When fixing your slatwall you should start at one corner and work methodically along the wall. If you will be placing one panel above another fix the bottom panel first. Fix with no more than 60 centimetres between screws and countersink the screws so that they are less obvious and less likely to snag. By using battens you can be sure that your panels will run true when installed. Finishing Touches You can use internal and external corners to finish off your slatwall installation in a more professional manner. Then you need only add your particular accessories such as shelves, greeting card displays, hooks or clips and begin to fill your slatwall display with your chosen products. Once you have installed a slatwall display you will be surprised at how quickly you become accustomed to this form of display.
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