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how to make a clothing rack with pvc

by:OUYEE     2019-12-18
Closet space is a premium in many homes.
In your own home, you can hang more clothes than you can hang in a closet.
If so, a solution might be to build your own clothing rack.
The PVC pipe is an ideal material because of its light weight and high strength, it is able to be assembled together in a variety of different configurations.
Make your own clothes rack will provide a lot
Lack of necessary solutions for closet space.
Place a \"L\" bracket at both ends of one of 36-
PVC pipe inch pieces.
The opening end of the bracket should point in the same direction.
This is the top of the shelf. Insert one 36-
The inch PVC pipe is inserted into each opening space of the \"L\" bracket.
These are the side blocks of the shelf.
Two four-
Connect the connector to the bottom of each side block.
Once connected, there should be two open spaces pointing to each other on each connector, and two open spaces pointing vertically away from the unit.
Insert the last 36-
Inch PVC pipe into four open spaces
Connectors pointed to each other at the bottom of the rack.
Now, you\'re going to have a 36-
Square inch of PVC pipe. Place the 12-
Inch PVC block put on two, four remaining openings
The way connector at the bottom of the rack.
These are the legs of the rack and they should be perpendicular to the rack.
Put the remaining four \"L\" brackets in 12-inch pieces (the legs).
Make sure the opening end of the bracket points away from the frame.
These are the feet of hangers.
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