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How To Make a Coffee Shop Bookstore Reasonably


A coffee shop bookstore can create tremendous value for your community. If you live in a neighborhood that is lacking a coffee shop and bookstore, you may want to consider diving into your research a little more. Of course, bookstores have taken a hit from big box bookstores and internet giants, but that doesn’t mean they are not a viable business option for your community.

Chances are many big box bookstores will threaten your business model. Of course, the internet is always a place to buy cheap books, but by offering your customers a warm, inviting, and comfortable place to shop for books (and coffee), you just might have a winning business idea. Nevertheless, there is no mistaking that a coffee shop bookstore can create tremendous value for your community.

Recently a combined coffee house and bookshop have been completed in Poznan, Poland, that’s located within a former milk bar.

Greeting customers as they walk in, is a large service counter with floating shelves off to one side, and an open seating area on the other. Coffee counter finished with beige marble surface to make it looks stylish and match with whole shop’s color tone. For make customers easy, a baffle was be installed in front of the counter to facilitate the customer to put their bags and other stuff when order.

Light wood bar stools run alongside the windows that look out onto the street, while armchairs and low tables fill the open space.

At the end of the open space is the bookshop area, with stadium seating and bookshelves that line the walls. The stadium seating allows customers to peruse the books and overlook the coffee shop.

Located off the main open area of the coffee shop is an area for meetings or workshops. A large wooden table surrounded by chairs provides plenty of space for a small group of people who also want some privacy.

Windows from the main coffee shop and the meeting area allow a glimpse into where they roast and pack their coffee.

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