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How to Make a Gift Box Using Greeting Cards

by:OUYEE     2020-05-17
Just like you have a variety of jewelry display supplies and plastic bag suppliers to choose from, you can also have your pick from numerous gift boxes out there. Often, there is a large selection of designs and sizes to choose which can confuse you the minute you try shopping for one for yourself or a loved one. So why buy a gift box when you can make one by yourself? In fact, for many people, creating your own gift box is great fun. Plus, small handmade gift boxes are charming, and add a unique touch to gift giving. If you make your own gift box, you get to choose what you would like to see in your gift box. As a result, you get something which is unique and inexpensive. In fact, making your own box from scratch will cost you much less than a roll of wrapping paper. If you want an even better idea, then choose creating a gift box from old greeting cards. This is a great method to recycle old things instead of just tossing them away. You can now utilize all those holidays and special occasion cards that have been in your drawer for years, and that is by making small gift boxes out of them. Here are the steps you should follow to create these gift boxes: • Cut the greeting cards in half in order to separate the front and the back of your card. The front half will be used for the top of the box, while the back part will be used for the bottom. Make sure that both parts are of same size. Also, use the colorful design on top of the card for your lid. • Determine the size of the box that you want. This will depend on various factors, such as the size of the gift item that you want to enclose, the design on the front of the card, and the size of the greeting card itself. • Draw a square in each corner of the top and bottom of the card after finalizing the size of measurements. It is advised to mark all the corners so that the correct measurements are cut. • Secure the cards on all the four sides using the squares cut above. This will help you estimate the distance from the edges. • Cut along the fold line from one edge to the next edge, perpendicular to the score line in each corner. However, leave one side of the box uncut to make tab. • Fold all the creases in and then open them up all again. You will now see a small square folding mark on all the four corners. • Cut only the vertical side of the small corner square or else the complete corner will be cut off. • Fold the edges upwards, tuck the four folds and then glue them in place. If it is not working, you can also use paper clips. • Finally, repeat the same steps mentioned above for the back half.
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