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How To Make Your Brand Store Stand Out From So Many Luxury Brand Store


A successful design work,from the initial design concept to the high-profile appearance of the final work, the designer must go through a lot of thinking and practice. Led by the brand image and its market positioning, the design concept for this store reflects the mood of where luxury is headed; edited and more pared back. The interior design is dominated by a neutral colour scheme, and punctuated by muted blues and purples, eggplant, and bursts of orange.


Base materials such as English onyx and limestone, chosen for their beautiful grain and warm tones, carry a common element across all four levels, while champagne coloured chain mail cascades down the walls and voids, unifying the vertical space. This motif is further developed into a rain pattern, rendered in specialty paint and mother of pearl, which evolves in mood and scale from floor to floor.

The store presented the designers with several challenges: how to stack the product, create vertical circulation that is consumer friendly and logical, etc. A store of this size also requires change, discovery, and surprise to animate it and draw shoppers through the environment. To achieve this, the designer created a series of open rooms, custom freestanding fixtures, and interwoven art within the space.


The design of the store is with concise decoration and line. Interwoven art within the spaces and custom special finishes, artistic in form and feeling, set this store apart.


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