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How to Merchandise in a Clothing Store

by:OUYEE     2020-04-10
Starting you own clothing store isn't a straightforward process. Knowing what merchandise to place in the store leaves a myriad of choices. Depending on the size of your clothing store It is important to slice the store into different sections. Each section should have a clearly designated theme. If you are a uni-sex store it is beneficial to section Male and Women in separate areas. Design you own Clothing. You can find many websites that customise clothes. Check as many as possible, and preferably find one in your local area. As your business grows it will be ideal to look further afield. Look at the wholesale market has to offer, contact suppliers directly with your ideas and barter over the price. There are many suppliers on the internet, and it is important to do a background check on any of them. China is becoming a great source of garment manufacturers. Always do a full background check on any supplier to ensure they are legitimate! Join wholesale forums, read blogs, go to conventions and talk to as many people as you can. Float your ideas, designs with a wide range of people in your target market. Don't be afraid of negative comments. You will learn faster from these people, than people who only mention the positives. Don't carry too much stock. Make sure your suppliers have a quick delivery schedule. You don't want to be laboured with too much stock. This lowers your cash flow, and can impact you business. With new merchandise, always purchase samples in the beginning, so you get an idea of how they will sell. Marketing exclusive items is always easier than selling repetitive merchandise. The consumer will feel special, so don't place all your stock on display at once. Again follow the latest fashion trends. An easy way to do this is on Twitter, or Facebook, magazines, and forums. Make sure you have an online store presence, this will greatly benefit your business, and the more time you put into it the more you will get out of it. The same principles apply, keep it segmented so the customer can find items easily. Here is an example of a website where you can customise clothes, there are many more so try find as many variants in you local area. Always stay positive with the customer, even if your merchandise is personal and someone is critical, keep on smiling, this will rub off and make the customer more accepting. I hope this article is useful.
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