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How to Set Up an Amazing Jewelry Booth Or Display

by:OUYEE     2020-05-16
If you're a handy crafter of the jewelry trade, whether a hobbyist or full blow professional, there's a pretty good chance that you've been to more than one jewelry trade show, fair, or festival. Nothing brings in new business and extra exposure like a well advertised, local show. The question is: Are you displaying your jewelry creations to their fullest potential? Sadly, from the hundreds of shows I've attended over the years, the answer to the question is overwhelmingly 'no', with few exceptions. I think there are some pretty good reasons for that, and the main one being the ability to find good quality jewelry displays that not only match your theme, but represent your jewelry as desirable. Yes, at any show, you are absolutely trying to trigger a buyer's 'impulse' buying reflex, and the best way to do that is to do what any other business does with their product - make it stand out. Below, you'll find a short list of tips and tricks to enhance your wares at the next show you attend. 1. Determine how your jewelry looks its finest. In other words, decide which display colors would go well with your jewelry. Do not be afraid to ask for a second or third opinion, as your vision could be tainted (because it's your jewelry). 2. Once you've decided what kind of colors you want to work with, whether that be black, white, vintage wood, rosewood, need to locate a quality jewelry display vendor with fair prices, wide selection, and timely delivery. 3. Think in 'tiers'. Any reputable jewelry dealer at any show across the world will have their jewelry nicely organized in tiers. Do NOT use mostly flat displays. It's boring, and some shows won't even allow it. You'll be lucky to make a sale all day if you're just laying jewelry out on the table. 4. Label your jewelry. By this, I mean organize different sections (for instance, quartz earrings in one spot, bead earrings in another section) and create litte signs (think business card size) that announce that particular section and what it is all about. You can get very creative with this, and even slip in some psychological buying triggers in your copy. 5. Again, keep everything organized and in the same general section. All necklaces in one spot, bracelets in another, etc etc. It makes it a lot easier on your customer to find what they are interested in, and quickens the transaction. 6. If you have a website, Facebook fan page, Twitter page, phone number, or whatever - display it! Make a few banners that have all of your contact information, so that if a customer really likes your wares, they'll know how to order more and share the good news with their friends. This helps ease the flow of 'word of mouth', which is the gold standard in any business sector.
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