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How To Start Your Own Jewelry Consignment Business

by:OUYEE     2020-05-18
You can start and run your own jewelry consignment business, as a part time job, and can turn it into a full time business later on. You can buy sterling silver or gold-layered jewelry, and make up some nice display boxes to put them in. Usually, on sterling silver and gold-layered jewelry, you can mark up your items, and make a profit up to 1500%. With real gold, it would be very expensive to give to stores on consignment, with gold layered and sterling silver, your risk is way down in the beginning. You could not get into as many stores, since each store would cost lots of money to give them each real god. Gold overlay jewelry is just that, it is layered with a certain thickness of gold, maybe 35mils of layered gold, or 75mils of layered gold. That is the thickness of the gold on the metal. These items have high mark ups and look just like real gold, since they are layered in real gold, on the outside, and the inside it metal. You can find nice rings, jewelry, pendants, crosses, and other nice items for under a dollar each when you look for sterling silver and gold overlay products. Some jewelry, for example, you can buy for less than a $1 each, and you can resell it for $9.99 each and more. Sterling silver jewelry can be bought also in bulk, from certain jewelry dealers, mostly in the Los Angles area, around hill street is a lot of silver jewelry dealers in a row. Usually, if you buy 500 rings for example, you will get them in assorted styles, or styles you can pick. They are weighed, and you pay by the gram whatever the price is worth that day, since they are a precious metal, the price changes often. The price on these types of jewelry pieces, usually can be less than $1 a piece. So now you could have a gold-layered jewelry display, and a.925 sterling silver jewelry display. If each display had 24 pieces of gold, and 24 pieces of silver, you would have about a $48 dollar total investment into your jewelry for 1 store. That would include the display, you can make gold foil boxes with display stands, and use foam inserts to display the rings. You could type up a sales pitch to put on the display, and include the retail price on it so customers can buy jewelry on the spot from the display. You could put these in retails stores like hair salons, nail salons, clothing stores, markets and gift shops and more. You could offer the store owner from 10% up to 50% for consignment into their store when they sell something. The retail value for the merchandise would be roughly $480, and if you give the store 1 display to sell, come back in about 30 days to collect, and refill the display, you could make pretty good money. You could do about 20 to 30 stores a day collecting and refilling the displays. It's easy to get merchandise into stores, since it is consignment businesses and your not selling them anything. Don't give the store to much merchandise, because every so often, a store does close down or moves in the middle of the night, or just goes out of business. If you keep your product cost low, and spread it out over a number of stores, you would be much safer, and more likely to make more money. If you had 300 stores, and it took you 10 days to drive to all the stores, you could do this once a month, and work 10 days a month, and then take the other 20 days off or do something else, or just relax and have fun
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