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Idea of the building brand story


Today, consumers look beyond price tags and good deals.It’s an essential part of modern marketing. Not so long ago, consumers only cared about price and functionality. Consumers wants to connect with a back story and ethos that resonate to their sense of self.


All retailers pursuit to build “understanding” connection between your company,customers.But how can you understand them without understand yourself first?Customer come your store not just purchase the product you sell,also looking for authentic and interesting story behind brand .What is most important?Brand belief and value is key element to stand you out from competitor in industry.

Before retailers start to run business,should put your mind on this critical question.What is our vision and mission?What do we contribute and create value to world?(“be proactive” and “begin with the end in mind”).Once you made determination,remember and keep passion throughout entire business journey.The more strong belief retailer have,more powerful and compelling stories to build brand awareness.


There’s science behind the power of storytelling, too. Our brains process not only stories, but the human emotions behind them.More than half of shoppers (64%) build relationships with brands because of shared values.By understanding others’ thoughts and feelings, we’re able to empathize.

 Your brand is a story you tell to the world with the hope that it will resonate, employees and consumers will want to associate themselves with your brand and support your story.This creates real emotional connections — connections that can turn into trust, and eventually, revenue. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to build a brand story — one that’s unique to you and your company.

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