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impact of custom retail display fixtures on purchase decisions

by:OUYEE     2019-12-22
Retail displays are merchandise displays that showcase store inventory or specialty products.
A large number of products in the retail market are competing for market attention.
The offer for new brands seems to be increasing every day.
According to the statistics provided by POPAI, it is good to know that at least 60% of the purchases are decided in the store (
International Purchasing Association).
Take the right steps to make some profit and don\'t give the conversion a chance.
When your goal is to show your products and increase your profits, custom retail displays are a smart investment.
In a successful retail store, creative retail display design is essential.
These retail devices attract attention in highly competitive retail stores and can be designed for your ideal customer base.
Whether the customer decides to buy your item or not, it depends to a large extent on the display style of your product.
The great store design is not only to match colors and materials harmoniously, but also to strengthen the recognizable store brand with elegant lighting solutions.
Deploying the best display type with the appropriate size, shape, material and color selection may be the most determining factor driving the purchase conversion.
In addition, retail displays can be designed to optimize the amount of merchandise displayed in a given limited space.
Retail space is rare and precious-
Make the most of every square foot.
Compared to the very simple inventory display area, an area designed by the overall aesthetic store will make people feel comfortable and pay more attention, they just buy what they need from their list by the way.
This is because consumers are unconsciously inclined to look for an environment that creates positive emotions and invite them to stay.
The right choice for retail display and retail space design will help the owner to distinguish from other stores and convince shoppers to come in, stay longer and come back.
Stores that do not have smart retail display positioning and highlighted store themes will automatically be associated with cheap goods stores and will not be able to drive high-margin sales of branded products.
For manufacturers, the purpose of using a unified retail display design for all stores is to enhance your unified company information.
It has a huge impact on brand awareness. -
Even if your product range changes from time to time, brand retail displays still attract shoppers to see new products from your company.
This is actually the only viable way for manufacturers to control how their products are perceived in many different distribution channels.
Most purchase decisions are made at the point of sale.
Therefore, the most important factor is the location, the store and the display design, which will determine whether your product is noticed or not, and your efforts will be rewarded with investment.
If carefully designed and optimized in the retail space, the custom retail display will show better results in terms of profit.
A tailored retail showcase for your brand is a safe investment to increase profits in a competitive market.
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