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In the high-end jewelry display ark of metal materials used

by:OUYEE     2020-03-30
Speaking of hardware, we are no strangers. In jewelry display ark industry, hardware material utilization rate is quite high, especially in the production of high end jewelry display ark. Common hardware have cold rolled steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. First, iron type material, the use of iron materials, let a person feel very heavy, high hardness, and is easy to rust, so sometimes ACTS as the iron machine as a keel, the structure of the solid display cabinet. Relative to the stainless steel, aluminum alloy, the weight of iron will be bigger, it is not easy to deformation, once use iron to make jewelry display ark, want to change its shape is not too easy, bent slot is difficult. But from the point of cost, will be lower than stainless steel, higher than that of aluminum alloy. < br /> aluminum alloy material with relatively not quite widely, in the exhibition, hotel, gifts, bank, club and so on can see a lot of high-quality goods ark of aluminium alloy, aluminium alloy a lot of material can be ready to buy, ark of a high-quality goods together is much easier, it can order, don't have to cost down. General aluminum alloy material, have a professional production manufacturers, nine elements in this just know a little. < br /> stainless steel material is the mainstream in the development of high-end jewelry display ark industry market, stainless steel is more common with 201, 202, 304, 316 models, etc. Perhaps the Chinese know the degree of stainless steel will be less easy to rust, for stainless steel or have a special liking. In the jewelry display ark, high-end jewelry display ark commonly involve stainless steel materials. So for us, is quite familiar with stainless steel. Stainless steel wire drawing and mirror, wire drawing is dumb light type, on the surface of the mirror is bright. In general drawing is one of the most people preferred, cooperate with plating color, effect of temperament let a person feel tall. Although stainless steel prices high, make jewelry display casewill be high, but for the moment is a kind of trend, after all made of stainless steel display case, is also a guarantee of quality, especially stainless steel jewelry display caseafter plating. In short, the use of metal materials used in jewelry display caseindustry is normal, the transformation from the traditional wooden process hardware craft, maybe it is a trend, but traditional and hardware technology and some, common development.
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