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In transport of the stainless steel jewelry cases and how to get guarantee

by:OUYEE     2020-03-31
Some jewelry merchants upset local jewelry display caseor impossibly expensive ( Scarcity value, manufacturer is rare) Either quality closes nevertheless affect sales of large, had to order from abroad, through many know the quality of the cases and stainless steel jewelry factory in shenzhen did a good job! But jewelry display casein transit? Accidentally money goods two empty, afraid of? Afraid of see come over, I hurried by pure luxury exhibition shelves factory below small make up remind you should pay attention to matters: < br /> loading stainless steel jewelry cases sent to other places will have two kinds, one kind is bulk, the other one is a car. Walk more require of bulk cargo transporting play wooden cases or wooden frame, in addition to wooden cases or wooden frame protection, also need to use wire drawing film, protect horn deep protection of cotton, foam, cardboard, if in order to save the packaging cost, goods in transit knock against, or paint thed loss outweights the gain. < br /> go car is under the condition of your jewelry display ark quantity to have an advantage, but more flexible packaging protection is indispensable, walk fast car's biggest advantage is that time don't have to transit, knock against the risk of damage is lower than bulk. Whether bulk or car, don't save packaging cost, one thousand there is a problem in the process of transportation, even can be solved, but also a waste of time, some serious and even affect the opening. Stainless steel jewelry cases and the larger the glass, we fine luxury goods shelves factory with many of his peers in terms of transport, the biggest advantage of you use we specify if there is any breakage in the process of freight logistics company is solely responsible for us. So in doing a good job packaging protection, choose a pure luxury exhibition shelves factory logistics safeguard your stainless steel jewelry shelves and silver can drag more tightly! < p> < / p>
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