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Information about the jewelry display ark making craft standard

by:OUYEE     2020-03-29
Jewelry displays.com/products' target='_blank'>display casecraft standard, jewelry display caseis the indispensable important items in store, so for our display case what problem should note when making, we reveal ark and how the standard, the following is to look at it. High-end jewelry store in jewelry display ark, must especially pay attention to the quality and safety, so the general jewelry store decoration design, display case to display effect plays a big role. Average consumer when the choose and buy jewelry shelves, or is installed jewelry at jewelry shelves to store shelves after can check from the following several aspects the immanent quality of jewelry display ark: < br /> < br /> a jewelry display ark: high-density plate sealing side, the drawer or keyboard slide strength, jewelry cases and fastness after installation. High density board edge quality is high density board class jewelry cases and one of the more important a quality indicator parts made of artificial e. its exposed edge sealing side handle must be conducted, sealing side should be strict, flat troublesome, no degumming, surface have glue stains. The purpose of sealing side can reduce the formaldehyde release a quantity to high density board, and can increase the humidity resistance of high density board. If the sealing side is uneven, explain the material moisture use after a period of time, sealing side is easy to fall off. Sealing side also should be rounded, not straight edge right angles. Sticks sealing side feel easy to damp or split. Article three-ply board bag set jewelry shelves, bag is with a nail, attention should be paid to nailhole whether level off, the color of nailhole place rather than elsewhere. Often nailhole is sealed with putty, attention should be paid to be bored with child ever bulging, such as the drum up no, slowly be bored with child will come out from the inside. Check the sealing side, should focus on jewelry cases and hidden part of the inspection risk, such as drawer sides after the side of the end face and underside, shelf, etc. 2: jewelry shelves after installation of reinforcement is also relates to whether the jewelry cases and qualified & ndash; An important indicator, inspection method is after installation of jewelry shelves, with the hand shake jewelry cases, jewelry cases and cannot have more obvious shaking. Shaking has two aspects, one is caused by foot uneven shaking; The other is a jewelry cases to install not firm or structural design problems caused by shaking. Shaking foot if more than 2 mm, explain jewelry cases and the machining accuracy problem; After installation of jewelry cases, the highest point of the shaking due to structural problems for more than 15 mm, then jewelry cases and installation quality problems or structure design. Three: when consumers receive jewelry cases, should be used for jewelry cases and manual, certificate of approval, and check whether the instruction and jewelry cases corresponding to the operating instructions, the express of certificate whether manufacturers and merchants to provide the name of the consistent, when buying jewelry cases and whether there is the manufacturer's address and contact phone number in the instruction manual for jewelry cases and the execution of the standard, material, specifications, production date, install and use considerations, maintenance method, general troubleshooting, etc. 4: drawer or keyboard tray slide strength is a basic project indicators, jewelry cases to a national standard testing method is limited a drawer or keyboard tray away to the largest position, there is no limit of the drawer or keyboard tray away to two-thirds of the total length of location, on the top of the drawer panel or keyboard tray panel center, exerting force is 350 n, lO, if the slide deformation or loss can think jewelry cases and unqualified. When consumer is check this metric, drawer or the keyboard can be opened as required, by hand press drawer panels or keyboard tray, if feel slide relatively car owe & rsquo; Its quality is likely to be unqualified. For these indicators and process, generally reveals ark factory is unable to custom, and pay attention to reveal ark factory here, can be better for you to make, do it for the customer is responsible for, for the customer the display case, better for good design and high quality production services.
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