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Is Induction Charging the Future of FMCG Packaging?

by:OUYEE     2020-05-23
Retail marketing is going to be taking a huge leap forward if new technology recently showcased becomes part of the consumer shopping experience in the next few years. A company called Fulton Innovation have developed technology that uses induction power to create light up packaging for food packaging, demonstrating this on cereal packets. The products were showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and wowed spectators. The retail marketing world is extremely excited by this jump forward in technology as it presents the opportunity to not only create dazzling, eye-catching displays, but also to use the induction technology to give battery-free demonstrations. Induction technology can power toys to play on their own as displays, an example was shown with a pack of batteries charging themselves on an induction shelf, ready to be bought and used immediately. What's outstanding is the way that this technology can be used within food packaging. A packet of soup which has a heating coil built in is able to cook the soup once placed on an induction shelf, perfectly and to the manufacturers recommendations. Fulton Innovation are confident that this technology is not just a gimmick and that it will move forward packaging design. This is definitely something that can push forward shop display units and it's only a matter of time before you see it being used by some of the most forward-thinking consumer brands. The technology has a lot of potential as well; information can be embedded in the products printed circuit. This can then be downloaded by consumers to get the freshness date and nutritional information. When used online this information can supply info about inventory ingredients and the even produce recipe suggestions. As well as being of benefit to the consumer, stores can also benefit from this new technology. Product quantities can be tracked, expiration dates monitored and new stock automatically ordered when supplies are low. Although still in its infancy there is a huge amount of potential for this kind of technology. It runs on 80% efficiency and at the moment does not look like it will be outside of the big brand's price range. But the first brands that do jump onto this new technology for packaging and point of purchase displays are sure to get extra sales and also lots of press just on the novelty factor alone. It's going to be an interesting one to watch and the consumer reaction will show just how successful this could prove to be.
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