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Jewelry display ark in pursuit of noble, on decorative style

by:OUYEE     2020-03-25
A, jewelry exhibition hall jewelry displays.com/products' target='_blank'>display casein pursuit of noble, on decorative style. The store cui round bead wai, dazzling and bright. And to make the visual effect more strongly significant, must rely on the right lighting, under the illuminate of lamplight, all show luxury. Two cabinet lighting, window different jewelry need different lights to cooperate to use. Gold, platinum, silver, diamond jewelry, such as the volume is relatively small, requires a high enough brightness, just easily conspicuous, these reflex the light completely on jewelry, pay attention to the direction of the incident light, let reflect & other; Sparkle throughout the &; Stimulate the customer's eyes; The material such as pearl, jade, crystal jewelry, more need to bump exquisite burnish feeling, on the brightness demand is relatively lower. Gold can be used in a 3000 k cold light cup lighting, silver cup appropriate USES more than 4200 k sun lighting. General lighting illumination 400 - contained in the cabinet 800-500 lux, focus lighting More than 1000 kux, not less than 90 color. < br / > jewelry display ark, three cases and lighting will be precious gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, pearls, jade and other products in the form of the window display, with high brightness, high color rendering, lighting, portrays the jewelry meticulous process and highlights the brilliance. General frame display, jewelry display window lighting layout within the framework, lighting position is close. Strictly choose the light with the light Angle, targeted to the characteristics of jewelry display, using low power, light source, express the jewelry section, high reflective properties, formed on the surface of jewelry levels fruitful highlights, glistening effect. The overall intensity of illumination of about 600 - window About 1000 lux, jewelry surface illumination about 2000 lux. Color temperature according to jewelry materials and surface color, the color rendering of no less than 90. < br / > jewelry display ark, regarding the area lighting regarding the area lighting design focused on communication build relaxed atmosphere. Lamp brightness is unfavorable and exorbitant, try to use adornment sex is strong anti-dazzle lighting appliances. In the form of suspension installation, clear light facial expression, color temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, avoid enthusiasm not coldness. Guide to recommend to customers custom jewelry design, the light should focus on the work surface. Regarding the area integral space - 200 Around 300 lux, temperature 3000 k, accent lighting arrangement, as their product display, with focus on intensity of illumination of no less than 600 lux, integral space colour rendering not less than 90.
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