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Jewelry display ark industry's three most often in the electroplating process

by:OUYEE     2020-03-24
Jewelry display caseindustry's three most often in the electroplating process, vacuum plating, water plating, electrophoresis. And generally adopts the material of electroplating process for stainless steel, in the business often used in jewelry, clothing, clubs, shopping malls and other places. The vacuum plating, what is the difference between water and electrophoresis plated? First we talk about their respective definitions. Electroplating is an electrochemical process, is also a kind of REDOX process. The basic process of electroplating is immersed in the metal parts in a solution of salt as cathode, metal plate as anode, after dc power supply, sedimentary out the required coating on the parts. Vacuum evaporation: under high vacuum, through a metal filament evaporation and condensation, the metal thin layer adhesion in the plastic surface. In the process of vacuum evaporation metal ( The most commonly used aluminum) Melting, evaporation takes a few seconds, the whole cycle is generally not more than 15 s, coating thickness of 0. 8 - 1. 2uM。 Water is the way of using electrolytic plating the metal or alloy deposition on the surface, to form a uniform, compact, good adhesive force of metal layer, the process of plating is called water. Simple to understand, is or a combination of physical and chemical changes. The anode and cathode electrophoresis electrophoresis electrophoresis cent two kinds. Required for different electrophoresis electrophoresis liquid is different also, mainly charged opposite sex. The difference between the two is an intermediate object is different, is a kind of metal ions, is a kind of colloid. After processing is different also, the result of the electroplating is a layer of metal plating, protecting, anti-rust, beautiful, and other functions, electrophoresis is commonly used in paint, coating a layer of paint, commonly used in automobile industry. Similarities of the two is that there will be electricity, both are negative, can form the electric field, to directional ion or charged colloid can be mobile. Three kinds of process, if it is stainless steel jewelry display caseneed electroplating, plating water price is highest, followed by electrophoresis, finally vacuum plating. Price also differ, what if the plating color, depends on technology. Such as green, yellow bronze jin, you need water plating process. But now the water is so scarce, plating in the pearl river delta region water plating factory seems not much home. While water plating factory in shenzhen is a can't have, is concentrated in foshan, huizhou, dongguan and other places. So some like high-end jewelry box, but water plating cost is high, the price is also high. So now the stainless steel material, give priority to with vacuum plating, electrophoresis process. The price is cheaper than water plating are also many. In today, if the pursuit of green jewelry display casedesign such as bronze, yellow bronze, or doing water plating, because such as vacuum plating electrophoresis technology is short of water effect of the plating process, although many of the electroplating factory said electrophoresis vacuum plating technology can achieve water that effect, fool a lot of people.

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