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Jewelry display ark LED lighting techniques

by:OUYEE     2020-03-25
Jewelry popular, especially among female consumers, for jewelry stores, commodity exhibition lighting lighting design and application is indispensable, below is the jewelry display ark LED lighting techniques. < br /> the appearance of the jewelry display caseitself as well as the light source can improve product image design, brand image and corporate image. Jewelry display ark of a single light source can have multiple luminescence properties of the same markers, light reflection can produce continuous feeling, make the whole exhibition hall and internal, light easy change, also easy to repair, jewelry display caseprice, high-grade beautiful, fully enhance your product image and brand image, enterprise image, the light emitting device of the stainless steel case can be placed in the position of the non-professional personnel to contact, therefore, to prevent destructive, and security. < br /> to reveal ark colour respect, color design to simple jewelry display ark, if the color change is likely to cause consumer visual fatigue but not too much to highlight the effect. Using the standard corporate logo, color and its approximate color, is very simple to solve the above problem. The color of the logo design with strong accuracy and simplicity. In terms of accuracy, sign for the choice of the color is the most demanding of all art forms, the most rigorous, must conform to the enterprise nature of the product, what kind of product is what kind of features, we must use what kind of color to reflect it; In terms of simplicity, marks for jewelry display ark colour chooses another principle is concise, like people with clothing is generally not more than three colors. Harmonious color positive, bright, relaxed, happy; Not harmonious colour, on the other hand, it makes the person feels negative, depression, weight, fatigue. < p> < / p>
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