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Jewelry shelves design need to experience the process of success?

by:OUYEE     2020-03-26
For the jewelry store, a very important one annulus is jewelry shelves design, and a successful jewelry cases not only appearance beautiful atmosphere, it also bring their own marketing effect, this is because all of the transactions are carried out on jewelry exhibition shelves, so successful cases and design, need to experience the process? Shenzhen exhibition shelves manufacturers - next - - - - - - Typical art workshop to explain! A, the early stage of the design phase < br /> < br /> this stage work for: commissioned specification ( Or in accordance with the requirements of tender to participate in bidding) , exploration field, understand the investment scale, and the construction unit to do design communication, collect data, prepare the feasibility analysis report, etc. The early stage of the design phase, in the face of a design task before entering the role, must clear jewelry cases and design to the task. Serious analysis and research on design projects, it is the key to the design is successful. Nature such as the use of its space design, functional features, design, size, grade standard, engineering cost information such as understanding, and based on this information to create the atmosphere and environment effect, cultural connotation and artistic style, etc. In in-depth field research and program analysis, on the basis of comprehensive study data, for each item of interior design, space according to its type and use function, put forward the conceptual design, establishment of jewelry shelves design work basic train of thought, and then complete the establishment of design concept. And clear design period, sign a contract, the design schedule, negotiating with the owner to determine design charging rate, etc. , in strict accordance with the standards for the design of related engineering category. Second, the design sketch stage < br /> < br /> from concept to the sketch stage, is a product designer of communication, more show the jewelry design their exhibiting ark can understand space information. This process is the conceptual design into visual space image, present to the owner. So, relevant data and information collection, analysis and study of the overall planning and design, the concept into a creative idea, carries on the preliminary jewelry cases to sketch design. < br /> < br /> sketch design stage is a key stage for the design process. Creative jewelry shelves are initially designed to reflect on the sketch, sketches from idea generation to adjust to draw sketch, accompanied by hammering out the operation of the process, the evolution process is very meaningful, it is the most active, factors, stimulation and creating. At this stage you can ask the owner provide a sketch of the design documents, including the planning drawings, top, elevation graph, the main space of color rendering, decorative materials reference samples, design and cost estimate. Jewelry shelves design sketch is through the communication with the owner, after pass, into the next round of the design of the design scheme, make the further deepening and perfect. < br /> < br /> 3, the design scheme establishment stage < br /> < br /> this stage is the designer's way of thinking from the concept to rise to the theory of phase, the perceptual design intent of the sketch to rise further as engineering significance on the process of theoretical design drawings. This process can better show the designer's intention of thinking in images into clear design drawing process. < br /> < br /> all in all, the basic design scheme is needed by the three steps, before it can be designed, and the high quality of shelves are all need with these four processes, so we are custom jewelry cases, often need to cooperate with the premise of idea, told the designer you want the appearance of the jewelry cases. < br /> < br /> < br /> < p> < / p>
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