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Jewelry shops decorated storefront design those things

by:OUYEE     2020-03-24
Do you want to be set up shop shelves? Is it easy to open a jewelry store? Not easy, of course, from the late of financing, the location, to decorate and early operation, which link is easy match, as a professional jewelry store decoration kaiyuan seiko, let's talk about jewelry shop decoration cases to design those things! < br /> shelves are usually divided into the following kinds: tall ark also called back cabinet, in the manufacture of cases and the height is 180 centimeters of above cases referred to as tall ark. Rely on a wall and stand in the call back ark, stop on both sides of demand for the product show called double tank. Usually in jewelry cases, leather cases, shoe bag under more. Tall ark of average height is 240 cm, such as the size of the commonly used wooden plank to 120 * 240 cm. Customers can design according to the site or style requirements, add the length of the cases and arbitrary. < br /> short ark refers to manufacturing structure and tall ark differences, but the height is 120 cm, exhibiting ark according to the demand is also strong and double wall products. Before the ark refers to the specifications for about 50 * 100 * 100 cm long, with the glass shelves. Before the ark with the glass, the exhibits have invalid maintenance effect. So usually in jewelry, jade, gold and silver exhibiting ark exhibiting ark exhibiting ark cases to use more. Before the device can be customer requirements is contained in the article LED lamp, LED lamp, ordinary lamp and so on a variety of lamps and lanterns; The glass also can choose according to the demand ordinary pure involves the super white glass two, you can also select whether toughened disposal, etc. Also from the earliest before the ark of the door way back down type to make the drawer open with better effect. Corner cabinet refers to the relation of two top ark demand intersect manufacturing cases to stop Angle too. Corner cabinet width size is not large, but the glass is higher than before the ark, but for a single product to stop focal, positive can be produced from outstanding brand effect. Refers to the fine cabinet can stop of product display shelves alone. High-quality goods tank size is not big, but for lighting and glass more fastidious, this is due to the more high-quality goods ark can highlight the taste of the common and effective, can also greatly the progress of the manufacturer and the visibility of the brand. Compared with shop, the high-quality goods ark has small volume, easy to transport, the price expensive. Therefore, high-quality goods ark will match suitable small and medium-sized enterprise products. Island ark also called island frame, it is to point to put in store two head to stop the product display shelves. Island ark is characterized by low height, convenience of our customers take exhibits. According to the products divided into jewelry island ark, home appliance island ark, etc. Ordinary can use wooden or iron jewelry island ark, the design and manufacture as a combination of modelling joining together, such as the up and down, the size of the combination. And electrical appliances island ark adopts double type design, at the top of the box, on both sides of central layer board for glass, also designed for reingistic luminous poster box < p> < / p>
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