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Jewelry store shelves to decorate need need comprehensive consideration

by:OUYEE     2020-03-24
In this fast-paced society, people are responsible for beauty, fashion, comfortable, have different psychological needs and trends, jewelry store, when decorating a design need following steps, using the latest design concept, stress the theme of the store and the individuality, attract the attention of customers quickly. The jewelry store is decorated in the design and need to pay attention to what problem? Then with Canon skill fang high-end jewelry cases to company and see it. A whole decorates need comprehensive consideration of the jewelry store: wall, ceiling, floor, under four links. < br /> Canon in metope adornment art fang high-end jewelry cases and proposal to choose green environmental protection material, in order to create a capacious and bright feeling, metope color should be light on the floor. Wall design should be coordinated with display jewelry color content, adapted to the environment, image. Smallpox, color is at metope, shallower so that won't let a person have depressive feeling. Smallpox to match the store space design, lighting, create a beautiful shopping environment. < br /> when decorate floor aspects to choose to have the floor of the wear resistance, skid resistance, water proofing property. And the choice of pattern also have greatly exquisite, different pattern and specification determines the decoration is the grade and space. < br /> the last link is also one of the most important link, is the custom jewelry shelves. If the product positioning is high-end luxury line originally, so in terms of choice of cases and should be with matching high-end grade of the atmosphere, otherwise will reduce the degree of customer experience. In addition, under the floodlight and jewelry light reflected light to photograph echo, give a person the enjoyment on the vision. On the choice of jewelry box shape can also be diverse, present a curve that can make jewelry store. And choose a jewelry under par, can let customers into the jewelry store luxurious atmosphere, reduce the distance jewelry with consumers. < br /> < br /> < br /> < p> < / p>
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