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Layman many will say jewelry cases have so expensive?

by:OUYEE     2020-03-27
Layman many will say jewelry cases have so expensive? Together is not a few boards, the furniture, the basically everyone not unfamiliar, why nobody can say, your furniture we now for the furniture and jewelry cases and difference in that. Jewelry shelves and furniture are two different industries, but there are lots of places are similar, but there are still many details, making jewelry cases to master can not making furniture, furniture also master does not necessarily can make jewelry cases. Then we can talk about their specific where is different. < br /> obviously different USES, jewelry cases and mostly used for commercial display. And most of the furniture is reflected in use is the family. Commercial most attention is the effect of display, how to embody the product, so the jewelry on the surface show exhibiting ark is to work, how to embody the product how to do it. < br /> specific now is practical, and family who want to buy a furniture is both beautiful and practical, buy a set of furniture at least also want to use a more than a decade. Reflect practical shall, on the basis, the general materials are real wood is in the majority. Other wood are furnisher wants to steal workers to save money, so the price is not high, there is a right now people want to have the different style, so now the furniture are multifarious. Jewelry cases mainly appearance, so the inner materials almost is ok, as long as the jewelry cases and good robustness, when buying jewelry shelves to see clear internal materials have stolen. But jewelry cases also has many kinds of, such as iron, wood, acrylic, stone such comparisons with less, I tell this is a wooden, the other is not included. Practical work, furniture requirements, in the aspect of work is in the direction of the, production is relatively strong. Is mainly talking about details, jewelry cases to make production better, the surface is flat and level. Jewelry cases actually more complex than furniture, there are a lot of in the process, but furniture is several decades, and jewelry cases and the multi-purpose 3 - For five years. < p> < / p>
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