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Light is glasses cases to show glasses must possess?

by:OUYEE     2020-03-26
Light is glasses cases to show glasses must possess, it can highlight the shelves inside the display, add vitality for exhibits, play a positive role in marketing. Glasses brand in the planning of glasses cases and lighting, should how to plan? < br /> the first glasses shelves should try to use hidden source, avoid to cause dazzling light. All light should focus on cases and exhibits, should not be scattered light to the cases to the outside. The light intensity must be sufficient to reduce under the influence of external light. In addition, the choice of light type also must pay attention. Secondly because the glasses cases to light is installed inside, can make the temperature inside the shelves, so must pay attention to regulating the flow of the air in the cases and appropriately, avoid due to the difference in temperature between inside and outside, causing steam, cases and blurred. In addition also note that within the enhancement under the lights of the former, you must first determine the power supply system can afford the extra power, in order to avoid accidents. Finally because the glasses is different from other items in compact, bling. Exquisite glasses to light is concentrated, to highlight glasses small and beautiful; Shot glasses itself will have a glance at the same time, playing the past light, can produce reflections, this is an important factor to consider, to be cleverly avoid dazzling reflective. < br /> glasses shelves is the eye of the glasses shop, is to store and product image to the consumer line of sight of a stage, so the lights of the glasses cases and to plan properly, can add charm for products, attract more consumers. < br /> < p> < / p>
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