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make your craft show display stand out from the crowd

by:OUYEE     2020-01-10
If you have decided to try to host an event at a craft show, festival or flea market, then you will need to have the right craft display to separate your item from the rest.
This is especially important if you are selling jewelry or other major crafts.
Having a great craft show can allow someone to walk by you or stop and have a look, hopefully a sale, there\'s a big difference between the two.
Here are some good ways to create eyes
Capture Process display.
You have to buy the right equipment when you start the first time, which may be an investment, however, if you think you will continue to perform, then you need the following:
A suitable canopy or tent can protect your goods from rain and sunlight.
Exquisite crafts made of fabric, paper or handmade clothing can be damaged in just a few hours of direct sunlight. oTables -
Most craft displays require at least one or two tables to be set up.
Buy the lightest and easiest to carry.
You can find many aluminum models that can be folded easily and can be hidden in almost any vehicle.
Don\'t forget to put yourself a small chair. oWeights -
Make sure you carry heavy objects, large water bottles that can be filled or small sandbags.
On windy days, you need to tie these to your desk or tent with bungee ropes. Case of ODisplay-
No matter what you sell, you can find the right craft display cabinet for your items.
Look at retail suppliers or ask other suppliers.
Thrift stores can give you some great items at a cheap price.
Quality fabric
Cover your table with bright fabric.
Take the time to come up with a great color scheme for your craft presentation.
Incorporate Your tent colors, desktop covers and products into a harmonious craft presentation.
In addition to the basic equipment, once you have the basic equipment needed for the craft display, then you need some creative ideas to get people into your booth. oThe set up -
Make sure your forms are placed in a way that customers can easily see.
Put your table in front of the tent so that people can walk by casually.
Don\'t expect people to walk to the back of your booth, which seems obvious, but people will move on unless they\'re really interested in something. oHeight -
Try to hang things in the tent and attract people\'s attention from a distance.
This works for many projects.
If you can\'t do this, make sure you change the height on the table.
Use small shelves, boxes or other display items to give the table a richer feel. oMirrors -
Always bring a mirror and show people what they might want to try. oSignage -
It\'s a good idea to display a banner or business card.
Even if someone doesn\'t want anything today, they can come back and find you or email you. oPricing -
For many people, it is very helpful to see clear price tags on goods.
Many shoppers feel uncomfortable with every item on the booth.
If you are really busy, it will save you a lot of time answering questions.
If you\'re new to the festival scene, then you probably haven\'t realized what other vendors are for you yet.
While they look like competitors, they can also provide valuable advice for you in some cases.
Remember to always respect your boundaries in your craft presentation.
Most of the arguments between suppliers are concentrated around a 2 inch!
People will become very territorial when the space is getting bigger and bigger, just remember to be careful with your craft display and be on the side of your neighbor.
When it\'s time to take a break, he will be the one you entrust you to show the crafts.
Follow these tips to have a great craft show whether you\'re new to it or a festival regular!
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