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Maximizing Sales With The Right Jewelry Displays

by:OUYEE     2020-05-12
Jewelry displays can be the difference between selling many pieces of fine jewelry and not making the sales figures you had hoped for. Using the wrong jewelry display cases for your particular type of jewelry can mean that the fine details of your jewelry may not be emphasized. Ideally, jewelry displays would be constructed in such a way for maximum light to shine through the case, giving potential clients a great view of even your most intricate pieces. Generally, there are different jewelry display cases you can use for your retail or wholesale store. One type of jewelry displaying method would be to use retail store fixtures which would be ideal for showing bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches or brooches. Jewelry displays are types of retail store fixtures made of glass which features sliding doors that have a lock for the prevention of unassisted perusal by the customers. A jewelry display case which has casters that roll smoothly enable you to position your best pieces anywhere within your store's interior. As a wholesaler or a retailer of gold, silver, platinum jewelry with gemstones, you probably know by now that presentation is half the battle in making the sale. Well-presented pieces that are arranged neatly on top of black or navy velvet will emphasize the shine of each of your jewelry pieces for sale. Large mirrors on top of your jewelry display cases enable customers to check how good the pieces look on them. You can find a variety of pedestal type displays, jewelry platform displays, jewelry spinner displays, displays for watches and other kinds of display accessories you can use for your shop. Jewelry retailers can also include stands or easel's for earrings, pendants, chains or necklaces and double trays that are magnetic and available with inserts for your jewelry. Stands for bracelets and bangles as well as retail store fixtures that are column or tower styles give you several options for optimizing the appearance of your various jewelry pieces as you put them on display. Aside from the more modern jewelry displays, there are also more classic types of display stands that include stands with square bases, cascading type of cases and tabletop stands. How do you know what kind of jewelry display cases are right for your shop? A retail or a wholesale shop which does not have a lot of space will need to take advantage of what shelf-type glass display cases have to offer. You will be able to maximize showing off as many pieces as you can in a small amount of space. For more spacious shops, you can have endless aisles of tabletop jewelry display cases that maximize the appeal of your extensive jewelry collection to all your potential clients. Arranging tabletop display cases that are well-lit will bring out the detail in all the different collections of silver you have, which you can group together in one case, and all the finer jewelry in another case. Keep in mind that when grouping pieces together, you need to classify them according to type by what country they are from. For instance, all the fourteen and eighteen carat gold pieces from Italy in one case and all the gold from Saudi Arabia or China in another case. Keeping your collection displayed in clean cases that maximize your shop's lighting will give your clients the opportunity to really be able to study the pieces that you have for sale.
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