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Memories Revisited in Trophy Showcases

by:OUYEE     2020-05-13
School spirit is heavily dependent on its athletic program. In the same way that a city without a sports teams or a winning sports team will not take itself seriously, neither will a school without a good athletics program. There are different avenues to take if you want to amplify school spirit. One would be to invest in good coaches. Cultivate a youth sports league in the neighborhood. And invest in trophy showcases. The ability to store achievements on display has an emotional and psychological effect on the student body. When students pass by a trophy case they see what they can aspire to. They see who made it in, and who is represented as a role model for the rest of them. The school has a major opportunity in distilling values through revisiting past achievements in a subtle form of trophies. But there is one downside to having one in your school hallway. If you don't have anything to fill it with then that might be a problem. But despite the fact that having an empty trophy case could be saddening, it will make your students want to contend and fill it up. Winning a district or state championship is difficult, but afterward the student body will never be the same. A sense of pride will pervade the halls even if there's just one trophy in the glass showcases. Because there will eventually be another. A good way to build support for a team is to have pep rallies, assemblies that showcase a comical burlesque act. A break from the monotony of classroom education is a great way to rile up the students and remind them to support their team during after hours. With the student body behind them, your teams will surely bring in trophies to fill your new trophy showcases Schools are not the only ones to use trophy cases as a memory jogger. Offices and different businesses use them as well, to portray the spirit of the pace. Baseball leagues between offices are a common site. The annual game between the staff of TV shows The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (yes, that's a real thing!) offers the employees to relax and bond. Though it is unknown if there is are glass showcases in their hallways, a trophy could be a good reminder of the fun they had and allow new employees to have the desire to be part of the team.
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