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New Coffee shop designed to interact with the street


Dreaming about what your coffee shop will look like? Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to get inspiration while developing your own personal concept. While staying true to your own coffee business ideas, let’s look at some beautiful ways others have decided to move forward.

A new coffee shop has recently opened in Hong Kong that was designed so the people drinking coffee can interact with people on the street.

The entrance of the coffee shop has been pushed back almost 4 feet (1.2m), to allow for an outdoor coffee bar and give it an al-fresco atmosphere.

Inside the service area, black window frames contrast with the wood and white details used throughout the cafe. The design of the bar play a important role in the entire cafe, which means that the design of coffee bar counter is actually the second face of a coffee shop display. For match the entire shop ( large black frame window, white & wood wall), that coffee counter use black and white tiles surface finishing, make it looks clean and highlight the service area.

Theres lots of seating inside, it ensure that each customers can find a own site during their coffee time. and a chalkboard wall allows for the introduction of art or cafe announcements.

A second seating and bar area is located at the back of the coffee shop with views of the lower level and the street outside. 

Built-in seating is combined with tables and chairs to create a cozy and relaxed look in the coffee shop.

When the weather is nice, the windows are opened up and people can choose whether they want to sit inside or on the extended window sill that allows people to interact with the street.

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