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New shop concept for customer good purchase feeling


Under current retail store industry, more and more stores must be follow the customers’ feeling, maybe one store is not only for one product, but some combinations. Like home concept shop.


Home concept shop will pay more attention on customer purchase experience and feelings. They will give shoppers very comfortable feeling. In the shop will have many item, like home concept item, like lighting, posters, green plants. Kitchenware, sofas, clothing, books, etc. Both women, man, old people and kids all can find something for themselves. With this concept, the shop can maximum sales per day.

Above home concept shop design taking shoppers on a style journey, landmarked by striking installations, the resulting layout guides visitors through distinct districts and trends in a way that is nothing if not memorable.

Whole store concept is very relax, do not have too much sales in the shop, customers won’t have push feeling when they look the merchandise. Shoppers can look by themselves and discuss with their friends.Also the lighting is very important for whole store, normally this kind concept store ceiling is high, you can choose closed ceiling like above, also you can use some open ceiling, no need much decors on ceiling, just some simple black or white rail spot light will be fine.

Mostly home concept shop will use white color as main color theme. In order to have a relax feeling, light wood color is also can not missing, it will be more close to natural.

For this kind of shop, there is must have a eye attractive area, it will stands for this shop, shoppers will remember this symbol. With is symbol, will include mostly of the goods the shop sell, so customers will know what they can get from this shop. Nowdays some young people also playing Instagram, if you have a goods eye catching display, they will post it on their moments, so can make some advertisement for your shop.

Also do not forget to design one area for customers sitting, have some drink, look your merchandise with a casual way. Man can sit here waiting for his lady. Or maybe the kids area can be considerable.

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