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New Style Clothing Store of Suit Customization


No matter what industry you're in, starting a business is never easy. Retail stores are no exception — between picking a location and perfecting your products, there are tons of things to do and keep track of, and it can be easy to forget small but important steps that can set you up for business success. For example, the shop interior design.

A Tailors named GURKIN ROLAM has been inherited from the “ ROLAM” for a hundred years and has an unshakable position in the field of suit customization. for better reveal it’s status, design team spends more effect to make the interior decoration more match the it’s image but also modern.

Classic, heritage, and fashion are the key words of the project, and it is bound to get rid of the traditional luxury custom shop. Therefore, the designer of this case advocates breaking through the convention and has a sense of the times, making the suit not only synonymous with occupation and age, but also trying to define his golden age.

Throughout the audience, the project space is simple and succinct in the overall performance, while at the same time abandoning the inherent thinking of people’s clothing customization. The three-dimensional boundary of the clothing store can be regarded as the fabric of the wrapping space. After the “cutting” and “reconstruction”, the lines between each body block are interspersed with the surface. This creates a pure, bright space. Inspired by the British “Crystal Palace”, this concept is simple and refined. In a limited area, the designer divides all auxiliary rooms into one body, and combines them in one body block to unify the entire display reception space.

the designer divides all auxiliary rooms into one body, space is simple and succinct in the overall performance.

In order to better reflect the clothing itself, in the selection of materials and colors, the designer uses a large number of white latex paint and copper, forming a strong visual impact, reflecting the noble temperament without losing the sense of fashion. It can also guarantee the timeliness and cost performance of the store.

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