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New Year, New Style - Shop

by:OUYEE     2020-07-29
Let's be honest, the New Year figures just don't look encouraging. Inflation and unemployment are up whilst sales are down and the gloom mongers are having a field day. With the days of boom a distant memory and an unknown future it's time to draw in the horns and sit tight isn't it?
Wrong. Now is the time to be proactive, to go out and get those shoppers that remain, to attract, to cajole and to beguile. In short, now is the time to refit your shop and get ready for sales.
In the days of boom, shoppers gaily traipse around our high streets, prepared to visit every shop and looking to spend, spend, spend. As long as there is a product to buy, shoppers will be there. It doesn't really matter about surroundings or lack of light. Now shoppers are more choosy. They need to be coaxed and beguiled. Your products have to be presented in the best light and nothing should distract or the shopper will flit like a startled butterfly from the store and disappear.
So what do you need to do to attract these rare creatures, the shoppers of today? In short, what matters are light, scent, cleanliness and presentation. Starting with light, this comes from a combination of daylight and lighting. Getting daylight into the shop is fairly easy; all you need are large windows. However, making the most of the daylight once it is there involves the use of glass partitions, reflective surfaces and well placed mirrors. Supplement the daylight with mood lighting and you have a shop interior that will be bright and attractive. Trained shop fitters and designers are well aware of the effects that light can bring and will be able to give you plenty of advice.
Moving on to scent, there is nothing more off-putting than walking into a shop that smells of yesterday's socks. Dealing with scent includes paying attention to air movement as well as choosing fittings that shrug off dirt. Adding regular cleaning into your routine will also help. Moving air around will help to keep the premises smelling fresh but don't be too vigorous as clients are put off by howling gales around their ankles.
Cleanliness and presentation are easy by-products of good shop fitting. Choose materials that don't attract dirt or are easy to clean. Make shelving easy to get to and in shades that will help your products to stand out. Think about making movement around the shop easy and always allow extra space for those with prams to stop and chat whilst other shoppers easily move around them.
Yes, the outlook isn't great but with a little thought and a chat with a good shop fitter you can buck the trend and look forward to a bright future.
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