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Optical require support from receptionists and associated optical trained to work with clients to properly select and fit eyeglasses


Colourful shelves zone the areas for sunglasses, corrective spectacles and the lounge, whereas bright red shelving marks the transition to the jewellery department and the staircase to the upper level. Well-illuminated cabinets in front of dark curtains inspire connotations of make-up tables and set a perfect stage to present the glasses. Unobtrusive black cabinets offer plenty of storage space for the wide product range, while the combination of angular shapes, integrated mirrors and soft fabrics creates an ambience of familiarity.


Depending on the desired level of privacy, the shop offers a variety of consulting areas: integrated zones along the façade, separated alcoves or tables at the rear end or the coffee bar are available to customers. In addition, spontaneous buyers can simply ask for professional advice directly at the cabinets.


Customer service is at the center of what makes Nordstrom a unique retailer. By now, we’re sure you’ve all heard of Nordstrom returning a tire for a customer and giving them store credit for it (for those of you who don’t know, Nordstrom doesn’t sell tires). While most retailers struggle to keep up with Amazon and other online retailers, Nordstrom makes online shopping seem like an inconvenience thanks to their top of the line, award-winning customer service. Customer service is the #1 way to retain customers long term — something your optical retail store can benefit from for decades to come.

By training its employees to be as helpful as possible, Nordstrom makes their in-store shopping experience a pleasant one. Instead of pressuring customers, their sales staff is available to answer questions, provide extensive product knowledge and most importantly make customers feel right at home. The takeaway here is to invest in your employees. Make sure they’re nurturing customers with knowledge and practical advice rather than rushing them through the sales process in the name of being as efficient as possible.


.hiring qualified staff support optometry. Optical require support from receptionists and associated optical trained to work with clients to properly select and fit eyeglasses. Attract associated pre-trained with the compensation package attractive, outgoing and train other employees enjoy working with both adults and children. Hire qualified personnel and optical laboratory.


make an optical open house. Launch your optical shop with a festive open house that features discounts on frames higher margins and new prescriptions. Offering hourly giveaways for eyeglass packages, and use those names to build a mailing list. Attract families with children by introducing "Optical ollie," Mascot to teach good eye care. Advertise the event in local newspapers and on radio stations, and distributing fliers in local medical offices.


We put a triangular space into rectangular frame and placed two big mirrors in the corners toward outside, which creates a sense of invitation as well as expanding the limited space inside. These mirrors also help customer to check their total look with the eyewear. In the middle, curved glass with gradient orange color emphasizes seasonal display and forms smooth circulation around. Additionally, wall displays and gates are framed by blue stainless steel, which creates a contrast with orange colored glass.


Overview of the interior eyewear store with curved glass with gradient orange color in the middle, placing two big mirrors in the corners toward outside

Men’s display space and consulting space are both small and the round corner inside could soften the irregular space. Display plates made of frosted glass are lightened by LED behind, which enable eyewear to stand out. Customized acrylic lighting provides general light for the core space, and helps set it apart.



Some areas of your sales floor are more important than others. Think of them as prime real estate or lake front property. As shoppers walk in the front door, they should be surrounded by merchandise -- this is not the place for the checkout counters or other service areas. Professional store planners know that if you mis-merchandise these areas, it will cost you in sales.

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