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OUYEE Jewelry Islands


Jewelry islands are installed in reasonably spacious stores. Depending on the open center space jewelers may choose to set up a single one. If the store is considerably larger they will set up a few jewelry islands in different sections of the shop. Once installed a jewelry island should allow for the free flow of the traffic within the store. 

Typical jewelry islands are four sided. Quarter vision jewelry showcases, sit downs and full vision cases can be combined. To create each of the corners we can manufacture separate three sided corner jewelry showcases. Square elevated pedestals can be used to form the corners as well. Their width and depth should be the same as the depth of the jewelry cases forming the island. We can design the bottom of the top glass display area of the pedestal to be leveled with the other jewelry showcases. Square and three sided display towers can be installed at the corners as well. We can offer some straight jewelry showcases with a single or double corners. They are a more economical when building the corners of a jewelry island. Alternatively we can integrate curved corner jewelry showcases to create a more exclusive look.

A well designed jewelry island should provide for enough movement space inside. The salesperson should have an easy access to the merchandise. Since jewelry islands are autonomous units within the store a cash counter should be part of its configuration. We are offering various types of doors to enter and exit our jewelry islands. Single hinged door, double hinged doors and flip doors are the most commonly used. All are equipped with a lock for added safety. 

All our cabinetry is cut and assembled with extreme accuracy since the display cases have to fit tightly against each other. Our jewelry islands are made of modular jewelry cases. Once correctly placed on the floor all the showcases should be leveled equally and then tightly bolted together. The lighting may be activated from each showcase individually or you may choose to run some electrical conduit all throughout the island with a single switch to activate all the showcases lighting. Should you choose to do so we will install the transformers wiring so that they may be easily connected to each other. 

OUYEE Display is a leader in the manufacturing of glass display jewelry showcases. We produce custom display showcases for entire stores. We offer styling that includes modern sleek appearances as well as the tradional classical look. Our team of highly qualified customer service agents will be happy to work with you on planning a new store or a redesign. We will even draw CAD drawings to help you redesign your existing retail space or design a new space.

For more information, please contact us by steve@ouyeedisplay.com, or call the 24-hour hotline: +86 13826419811