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Perfume Shop Displays - Displaying Products Is Also An Art


The design focuses on a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere that gives the customer a sense of well-being. This perfume shop offers many high-quality fragrance, body-care, make-up and natural cosmetics products on two floors as well as beauty treatments in five suites.

The fragrance section is located in the central area of the perfumery. A bevelled powder-coated metal sheet on top of the oak shelves serves as the base for presenting the flacons. The forms and colours are deliberately subdued so that customers can devote their full attention to the fragrances.


In addition to the brand presentations, the make-up area also contains a cosmetics school where students can learn the tricks to achieve a successful make-up at six make-up stands. The materials and colours of the next room for care products are largely dominated by white tiles and a strong yellow in the shelf design. Each care brand has its own cabinet with a logo cover for clarity. The care products can be tested immediately at the centrally arranged washing table. The natural cosmetics are assigned a particular value by means of individual cabinet elements ascending in height.


The perfumery features homely style elements in all areas, such as small chests of drawers, refurbished cabinets, different make-up stands, lamps, chairs and tables which interrupt the shelf arrangements and contribute to a lively atmosphere on the sales floor. 

A backlit visual at the cash desk and reception area draws the customer’s attention to the beauty cabins on the first floor. Indirect lighting along the window facades, subtly illuminated visuals and the warm tone of the wood floor ensure a soothing atmosphere.

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