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Perfume Shop - Limited Space Creates Unlimited Possibilities


Located in Greece, this is a professional perfume shop with natural design, was completed by the end of 2017.

In order to save decoration costs, this brand adopts raw materials such as concrete and natural volcanic sand for the treatment of the wall, and no additional packaging treatment is needed for the wall. At the same time, in order to enhance the brand texture, the store adopts metal pieces, fabric and other materials to match the display and display cabinets, while marble is used in many places to better highlight the brand quality in the space.


The store adopts the symmetrical space design, which can fully embody and display the products in the non-rich retail space.The head of the door is also symmetrically designed with glass doors, one for normal access and the other for window display. This window just uses an empty space left by the front desk to display its brand products, which makes use of this natural display advantage


The shop used "bone" type structure drop light for the ceiling. In order to make it unified, this store fix the lamp all in one line. There is not much design in the load-bearing wall, but as a functional platform to facilitate customers to test products.

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