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Photo Shop Training - What the Easiest Way to Learn Is!

by:OUYEE     2020-05-09
So you want to know what the easiest way is to learn Photo Shop.  I can tell you right away what it is. It is learning by watching it being done.  It is learning by photo shop tutorials.  Seeing what is being done and being able to follow along is so much easier than trying to read directions and figure out what your doing. By seeing on screen what is happening, you get the exact steps, where everything is, what buttons to push, how to use the different features, find out where all these buttons are located,  see what the shortcut keys are and much more. You are able to learn  a lot faster than going through all the written directions that are provided by the software manufacturer.  You can search for different parts of what you want to learn about.  If you do that, then there is the problem of putting it all together in the right order. This can take days and even weeks.  Most of all it will be so frustrating that you will probably give up. By watching how a photo shop image is changed by someone else you will get a much better understanding of what is going on.  It would be a shame to have this great software just sitting on your hard drive collecting dust and not being used.  Once you are able to accomplish a photo shop design there is not telling what someone will come up with. My suggestion is to find a training video course.
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