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Pure luxury jewelry display ark of wood made great contribution to environmental protection

by:OUYEE     2020-03-22
In our country, the country has been advocating environmental protection, environmental protection is not only a consciousness, but also a kind of spirit. Environmental protection is no pollution, no harm and can be recycled, jewelry cases in you heart, is adopted and toughened glass is made of stainless steel material, combined with built-in LED tube light, leather products, etc. , say environmental protection also really hard to say out where not environmental protection. Next, the essence of luxury jewelry display ark and everyone together to look at. < br /> < br /> 1, environmental protection paint wooden jewelry display ark: some jewelry display ark, For example, wooden jewelry display ark) Is the paint itself, when using paint, paint selection is very important. Cheap paint smell, volatile, and will cause harm to human body health, so making jewelry display ark when using this kind of paint is not environmental protection. So be sure to use environmental protection paint, it not only has no odour, harmless to human body, more for jewelry display ark made great contribution to environmental protection. < br /> < br /> wooden jewelry display case2, environmental protection board: the same for wooden jewelry display ark, some of the jewelry display caseadopts real wood, some USES is compressed wood, solid wood or others, it must reach the level of environmental protection, environmental protection board was born, it is also for environmental protection and wooden jewelry display ark, it solves the woodiness material some common problems, such as mildew, rot, damp, and tonal, density uniform, recyclable and other advantages. But currently USES environmentally friendly wood panels to the manufacturer is very few, because the board cost is high, the jewelry cases factory making fewer benefits, so seldom introduce such heavy machinery and technology, in accordance with its jewelry display casefactory is the first to introduce environmental technology board making jewelry display ark, invest tens of millions to buy machinery, want to know about the problem such as environmental protection board, online consulting us! 3, high-grade stainless steel: in the process of stainless steel jewelry cases, it is also joined the concept of environmental protection, first of all, the stainless steel is the most in line with the environmental protection, recyclable, but some improper stainless steel material, the surface have rust problem, so be sure to use the advanced stainless steel. Toughened glass is the same, material is qualitative the easier the better recovery, the last is the leather material, it is put in jewelry display ark set for a show, many businesses are not seriously, don't think this is show to use, but I think it is part of the jewelry display ark, so to do environmental protection, the easiest bad leather material, so also the best material.
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