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Refreshing Your Boutique's Style

by:OUYEE     2020-08-08
Artwork can really make a boutique look unique and inspiring. Adding a few pieces, or even one large piece on the back wall or behind the register can give your boutique a whole new feel. Just make sure that whatever your add does not distract from your merchandise. You also want to make sure that you have the proper lighting accenting the piece. Choose pieces that stick with your boutique's theme. Grabbing the attention of some new customers never hurts. Update your boutique's style with art work or pieces of artistically inspired mediums.
You can make things look new and exciting just by moving them around. You don't want everything to look basically the same with different items out front, you want to change the look of the space. Compartmentalize certain areas to put like items together. Instead of lining up garment racks all in a row, create little cubbies or boxes for people to step into. Set up accessory displays in the middle of each compartment so that people have to walk past them to see the clothing. Choose displays that go up higher to give the layout of the store more texture and depth.
Promotions are a great way to show people what you've done with the store. Contact your list of current customers by sending out an email newsletter or posting a deal on a social networking site. Offer discounts to current customers and new customers that they recommend. Have the new customer type in the email address or name of the current customer that sent them when they order online. Then you can give that person a discount and send the existing customer a coupon to use on their next order. This encourages your customers to spread the word about you. When the new customers do the same thing, you could see your client base expand exponentially.
Changing up or adding lighting detail to your store can really make a huge difference. Use lighting in dark area to make people want to go over there, but also to make them more nervous about shoplifting. Bright spotlights are great because they work both ways. They make your clothing and accessories look better than ever while deterring criminals from doing anything detrimental to your store. Use lights on your promotion tables, inside of display cases, in your window displays, on your shoe wall, and any where that you want to increase traffic in your store.

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