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Retail Display Advertising

by:OUYEE     2020-08-10
No matter how much technology exists, a lot of people like to shop in the real world. That means that retailers have to effectively optimize their retail outlets to attract the passing shopper. Some stores use their 'household name' and that is often enough. Others have to try to lure people in with special offers prominently displayed in dazzling bright colours and protected from the elements by some form of retail display unit. It's important to protect the advert as a weatherbeaten version just won't have the same impact. The variety of retail display units available on the market is immense. Some are built to be fixed in place while others are designed for easy movement and storage in situations where they are only in place while the store is open.
Snap poster frames are a very popular choice. They offer the flexibility of making the poster accessible by opening the 4 snap fastenings that make up the outer edges of the frame. These fastening are spring-loaded and hold the poster in place, often further protected by a sheet of acetate and are available in lockable, tamper proof variety. Also referred to as clip frames or click frames, they are widely used in restaurants and supermarkets. Often, in a small size, they can be found on the back of toilet doors or above urinals so the captive audience can be sold to during bathroom breaks from the hustle bustle of the shopping world.
A frame's are also very popular and in the past were commonly found draped over someone's shoulders as they walked up and down the high street outside the retail outlet that they were employed by. The modern version simply sits on the pavement outside the store and is a very reasonably priced method of attracting passersby into your store. It is certainly more economic than employing someone to walk up and down outside.
Forecourt signs are more commonly seen in petrol stations, positioned in such a way that they advertise to cars on both sides of the pumps. They used to be manufactured with heavy weights as a base so the sign did not topple over on a windy day. This practice proved to a costly process and made delivery and installation a difficult job. Modern forecourt signs are manufactured with hollow plastic bases which can be filled with water once in place, and the water acts as the necessary weight to keep the sign upright.
Banners are proving popular again also. With the cost of printing dropping constantly it is relatively easy to create a banner which can be attached to two weighted posts and stretched out to display your bargain offers to the general public. Once you have made your initial purchase of the two weighted posts, which are often water-filled, you can simply replace the banner when your offer changes. Clever use of words such as 'half price' or 'buy one get one free' instead of prices will allow you to reuse the banner again to reintroduce your offer the following month or year.
It's all about catching the eye so when it comes to retail display big is beautiful.

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