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Retail Displays For Clothing Stores

by:OUYEE     2020-05-08
Retail display systems such as Slatwall are an effective way of showing of your goods in shops, due to it being cost-effective, easy to repair and takes up very little space. You will be able to display just about any sort of product using its systems, from jewellry to sporting equipment, childrens' toys and kitchenware. One of the best aspects of such systems is its adaptability, which makes it incredibly useful for items of just about any shape. This makes it especially useful for displaying clothing. Clothing comes on a variety of different shapes and sizes, and using Slatwall it can be folded or hung on hangers and shoes can be displayed on shelving, making it amazingly versatile, and therefore perfect for displaying clothes in an attractive and effective retail display. Using the sheer range of retail display panels on offer, Slatwall can be used to fit bars for hanging T-shirts or shirts on coathangers, while shelving can be useful to show off trainers and shoes. This can be especially useful for trying to create a 'boutique' feel for a clothing shop selling high-quality, slightly pricey, threads, or even one with niche clothing designs, like T-shirts with unusual or rare logos. So this system can be especially useful for retail display. The panels usually cost under fifteen pounds for the cheapest model, which shows just how easy it is to fit out a shop. These panels, however, are fairly basic, only coming in cream, grey or white, but having something fully functional and attractive is a great way to set up shop. On the other hand, these panels may not be what a self-respecting shopkeeper looking for a high-class retail display wants - especially if they are selling high-quality clothing. Buying the more expensive Slatwall can really help doll up a shop - wood effect panelling can be great for clothes geared towards adults, while brightly coloured panelling can be perfect for childrens' clothing stores. Of course, while these panels may seem ideal, they will set you back a fair bit - wood effect panelling will set you back at least thirty-five pounds per panel. While you may have a perfectly kitted-out retail display, you will certainly be paying for it. It all depends on the type of clothes you are selling; if you are selling kiddies' clothing or fairly cheap goods, you will be overspending on your retail display. On the other hand, if you are shifting designer goods such as suits and expensive clobber, forking out for the expensive panelling will only help your shop. Slatwall is essentially just a series of panels used for retail display, but even this series of panels can have a huge effect on your business. A simple, cheap set of panels in basic colours can be ideal for a shop selling discount gear. If you fancy putting a little bit more money towards your retail display, you can invest in some wood effect panels, which are perfect for shops selling expensive gear. Without breaking the bank, it is easy to fit out a clothing store in Slatwall.
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