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Retail Management Ideas

by:OUYEE     2020-08-09
If you manage a small retail store or boutique, you need to be prepared to go with the flow, secure your niche, and develop a strategy that will help you create a stronghold in an irresolute industry. Times can and will change. Shoppers will go from loving shopping malls to shopping at giant 'carry-all' retail stores. They'll leave the giants and prefer eclectic boutiques. They'll eventually skip the boutiques and turn to online shopping. You never know what the next trend will be, so you need to do everything in your power to stake your claim to the customers that make the difference for you.
First, make sure that you're constantly trying to overcome the fears and reservations of your clientele. Many retailers believe that if you overcome the fear, you'll make the sale. Put into practice easy return policies. Don't exclude certain items from your promotions. No one trusts a lot of fine print. Make sure that your name is known. Radio spots, sponsorship at local events, social networking promotions, all get your name out there. Do everything in your power to gain the confidence of the shopper before they even visit your store.
Nothing is more powerful than a word of mouth recommendation. Keep this in mind when you are interacting with a customer. Ever heard of the saying, 'the customer is always right'? Well, that carries a lot of weight when you're dealing with someone who is less than happy. Find a way to make them leave satisfied and they're sure to tell someone. That doesn't mean that you should let them walk all over you, but it does mean that you should put up with more professionally than you would personally! Going above and beyond with your customer service will have people not only returning to your store, but recruiting more customers for you.
Another thing that you should remember is that you can turn someone from an occasional browser or one-time purchase client into an enthusiastic advocate for your business. Basically, your excitement about your products can be contagious. Let them know all about the quality of your products. Let them in on your personal attachment to the business. Get them on your side by talking and including them in the conversation. As long as what you talk about is informative, true, and relevant, they should become confident in their decision to make a purchase or recommend you to someone that would.
Make sure that your store is always nice and neat. Items should be easy to browse. Don't crowd your garment racks together where no one can comfortably shop. Use slatwall panels to create three dimensional displays and slatwall accessories to create texture and depth all around the store. Slatwall gets everything up where people can see it. It can grab attention from the street, walkway, or sidewalk.

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