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Rotating Displays - Add Appeal to Your Displays

by:OUYEE     2020-08-09
Rotating displays are ideal for use in all high street shops and windows. They are perfect for estate agents' windows and retail displays. They can be used to double, triple or even quadruple the amount of product details on show or can be used to create a moving poster or retail display.
These displays work by attracting potential customers who are passing by. The constant movement and light will attract customers to your window day and night. The movement generated from rotating displays will bring the customers to your window and encourage them into your shop, where it is up to you to make the sale.
Rotating displays are suspended on 6mm rods and powered with a 12 volt transformer. The units have panels which turn through 180 degrees, then rest for a period of time determined by you. The viewing time is adjustable from 0-99 seconds, using the digital control unit that is set in the upper profile. Most kits include 2 x 3m rods, lights and transformer. If you require more than one unit, your supplier should be able to synchronize the units so that they all start and stop rotating simultaneously. The units often come complete with low voltage lights projecting forwards from the upper profile lighting up the display. Some suppliers offer a made to measure service, so you can incorporate your corporate colours, brands or logos.
Rotating displays are perfect for estate agents windows, and as a retail display, they are eye catching and attract customers to your window. They feature low voltage lights, which means they can be viewed day and night. They can be used to double, triple or quadruple the amount of product details on display and offer a very attractive and alternative window display.
The latest rotating displays come with different blade design. Some display providers have modified the structure of the blade, which enables three or four times the amount of product information to be displayed. The rotating blades are available as a square or triangular option and are structured around a central rotating device. This means there are either 3 or 4 sides to view full of product information! Why not use this option as a moving poster display? These new square and triangular rotating options are ideal for small office or window spaces as they are compact but are able to display lots of product information.
The new range of rotating displays feature rotating shelves, posters and cubes. This rotating display allows you to show all of your point of sale displays and exhibit your products in a safe, secure and stylish way. Your supplier should be able to recommend a rotating display to suit all of your requirements.

Nowadays, the adoption of retail store fixtures in retail store furniture industry is quite common.
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