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Set Up Your Coffee Shop in Style!

by:OUYEE     2020-04-12
Coffee has become a very popular beverage in last few decades and its consumption is on rise. So opening a coffee shop can turn out to be a very profitable business. However besides the taste of the coffee what matters is the setting in which we serve it. We need a careful planning and design for a coffee shop. Design must be made by a professional service provider having a long experience. A bad cafe design will create a bad impression among customers at first sight. A good professional will design an effective and efficient coffee shop keeping in mind the budgetary requirements. The design should be made in such a way that all the necessary equipments are properly placed and the working of staff is not affected. The second most important thing after getting a cafe design is the equipment. A good and reputed equipment supplier must be chosen for this purpose. The supplier must have a team of technical experts who can arrange the equipments according to the design. They must arrange for the supply of the equipments. The equipment supplier must also arrange for the installation of the coffee shop equipments. The equipments must be of top quality. Good quality equipments will produce good quality coffee. Customers are impressed with quality, which is possible only if the equipments we use are of good quality. Equipments like dishwasher must be of equally good quality. Important points to be kept in mind for coffee shop design The design of a coffee shop also depends on the number and type of customers we are catering to. 1000 square feet is enough for 15 to 20 customers. The purpose also affects its design. If we want to use it as a conference room for holding corporate meetings we need to provide an extra space of about 200 square feet for the purpose. The space which we need for our day-to-day customers, needs to separated from this space. After taking into consideration the size of space available we need to prepare a plan to arrange the equipments and other important fixtures. The equipments must be placed in such a manner that the staff finds it easy to carry on its responsibilities. The lighting of the coffee shop must be very soothing and must give a warm feeling to customers. The furniture should be of top quality. The design of furniture must be attractive. There should be a proper spacing between the tables so that customers can sit comfortably and enjoy each sip of coffee. The furniture should be comfortable. A coffee shop must have good quality staff that perform their duties well and provide satisfaction to customers with their good service. An elaborate preparation is required before its comes into operation. Careful planning and proper design can greatly increase the number of footfalls that a coffee shop is going to witness.
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